We formulate cosmetics to enhance the health of tropical skin.

Each of our lines attacks a different response of our skin to exposure in tropical climates, both due to the combination of the ingredients used, as well as the excipients of our base formulations that provide the necessary texture for climates as hot and humid as the our.

Meet our CEO

Hi, I'm Elizabeth Ripoll. I believe in the holistic concept of beauty, perseverance, a healthy lifestyle and rituals. At Orgliz we believe that your skin is a reflection of your lifestyle, so taking care of it from the inside out is key. We not only develop natural and quality products, but we also care for the environment and at the same time educate all men and women to raise awareness about the health of their skin, using products that deliver real results based on conscious formulations and sustainable.

  • Family situation

    Angel, the son of our CEO, Elizabeth Ripoll, is diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis at a very young age.

  • Research

    As a result of the ineffectiveness of the products that were on the market for Angel at that time, Elizabeth Ripoll began the process of research and product development.

  • Origin of Orgliz

    Orgliz began in 2015 as a Dominican brand of vegetable cosmetics, with its first product called Angel Soap, in honor of his son.

Beauty Of The Tropics

  • Mission

    Educate and accompany women in their rituals of "self-care" and self-love.

  • View

    To be leaders in the vegetable cosmetics industry, always being exponents of quality, service and continuous innovation.

  • Values

    • Friendly with Nature
    • Trust
    • Honesty
    • Empathy
    • Innovation and creativity
    • Responsibility


Teléfono: (829) 544-2434
WhatsApp: (829) 649-5881
Dirección: C. Mustafá Kemal Ataturk 53, Santo Domingo 10121
Email: info@orgliz.com