The first thing that comes to mind when we think of dark circles is the word "tired" and yes, it is one of the main reasons why this condition occurs, however, dark circles are usually of different shapes and colors , so its causes vary depending on the type of dark circles we are referring to.

Temporary dark circles are the most common, caused by lack of rest and excess stress, but there are also hyperpigmented dark circles, caused mostly by genetic factors, or sunken dark circles caused by skin aging or excessive loss and accelerated fat

Dark circles under the eyes not only usually appear at an early age, but they tend to get worse if they are not treated correctly.

The treatments are closely related to the causes. For dark circles caused by internal factors such as hormonal changes, genetics, diseases or medications with side effects, we will not find treatments to completely eliminate them, only to keep them in the best possible conditions and then the best treatment would be the one that directly treat the internal condition that causes them, to which it is recommended to attend a specialist doctor.

On the other hand, there are those dark circles that, although it sounds unpleasant to admit, we are the cause. The swelling presented in the eye contour is due to the excess of accumulated liquid; constantly yawning due to lack of sleep, eating foods high in sodium or misusing eye creams are some of the conditions that cause this fluid deposit.

The secret of keeping the contour of our eyes alive is more a set of responsibilities regarding our health than any treatment that we can apply, such as respecting rest hours, eating a good diet, staying hydrated, etc., however, there are many people who have this condition, regardless of the reason, increasing the demand for eye contour products in the market, thus forcing cosmetic developers to go one step further in their formulation, resulting in quite competent formulations.

Now, between so much offer and knowing the causes, how do we find the correct choice of our treatment for the eye contour?

We leave you a list of considerations that you want to take into account at the time of your choice:

-     Make sure they contain cell regenerators . One of the most common properties of essential oils is their ability to regenerate cells, so looking for products that contain essential oils such as Myrrh or Geranium essential oil will always be an excellent option.

-     Antioxidants fight free radicals that break down the collagen molecules in our skin. Some of the most common are Vitamin C and E.

-     There are products whose packaging favors the drainage of the area since they offer us the option of massage, such as roll-ons or metallic applicators that provide a regenerating effect, or a cold sensation, that help decongest and deflate the area.

- Active ingredients such as caffeine and vitamin K are an excellent option to revive and drain the eye contour area.

Orgliz eye contour repair serum is formulated with essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh, Geranium and Carrot Flower Seed, all with great anti-inflammatory and antioxidant power that regenerates the cells of the area and cause a lifting and anti-aging effect. aging, excellent for repairing the damage caused in the area which can be used as a treatment to take care of the favorable conditions of the area, regardless of the type of dark circles we want to treat.


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