The skin is that extensive organ and has turned out to be an inspiration for millions of people. Cosmetologists, dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, pharmacists and all professionals in the area dedicate years of their lives to understand your behavior and develop solutions all focused on the same purpose: your well-being.

As we grow we understand and recognize a little more about our skin. One of the first things we usually recognize is whether our skin is dry, oily or combination. This recognition is what allows us to go to the pharmacy or store and look for that product that has been formulated specifically for our skin type just by looking at the label.

However, there is something that we will not find in the claim of these products, do you know what it is? Let's take an example: You live in Canada and your skin is oily, however, the low temperatures in the city where you live force you to buy a cleanser with a creamy texture since the cold tends to dry out your skin regardless of its tendency. Then, you travel to the Dominican Republic for vacation and then you take your usual cleanser with you. You would be surprised to notice how that cleanser that has given you excellent results so far stops being so effective for your skin, but I bet there is a factor that you are not taking into account, exactly, the weather.

The climate directly affects the response of our skin. Hyperpigmentation, accelerated oxidation of the skin, dehydration, in the case of dry skin, a tight feeling of the skin, itching or pruritus, peeling or rough skin are very common symptoms, but in hot climates and with a high percentage of humidity, they tend to intensify; in the same way that it is common to see excess sebum, the presence of acne and dilated pores in oily skin, but this, being exposed to these extreme factors, usually presents even more intense responses.

Many of the cosmetic products on the market focus their developments on the type of skin to be treated, however, there is a factor that gets out of hand, and that is that when a product with a standardized formula is sold worldwide, how is it Is it possible to control the climate in which it will be used?

It is for this reason that, just as the skin in general is an inspiration for many scientists, the skins of the Caribbean are the inspiration for the Orgliz team . We are a Dominican brand that makes vegetable cosmetics, focusing our formulations on tropical skin, whose formulation base involves active ingredients and botanical extracts that seek to serve as a treatment for skin that is affected by tropical climatic conditions without neglecting its tendency (dry, oily, mixed, sensitive, etc).

At Orgliz we believe in the comprehensive concept of beauty, perseverance, a healthy lifestyle and beauty rituals as an act of self-love. We believe that skin is a reflection of your lifestyle, so taking care of it from the inside out is key. We not only develop natural and quality products, but also take care of the environment in which we live in order to receive from it what we need and at the same time we educate all men and women to create awareness of the health of their skin, using products that deliver real results based on conscious and sustainable formulations.

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