Cleansing is one of the most important parts of your skin care ritual. After a long day at work, if you wear makeup, after the gym or even after traveling to polluted cities, cleansing your skin is essential as it removes all the dirt and grime that has accumulated during the day.

Very often, skin not properly cleansed can be the cause of breakouts or blackheads, so that's all the more reason to use a gentle cleanser every day. Cleansing also paves the way for toning and hydrating skin so it's ready for nourishment. We all have our favorite cleanser, whether it's a balm, biphasic makeup remover, a foam or even a micellar water.

In today's post, we bring you a super simple yet effective cleaning product. This cleansing oil is easily removed with water, as it turns into a kind of cleansing milk when it comes into contact with water. Often when using simple cleaning oils, you'll need to use a hot cloth or towel to remove residue, but this formula won't. It won't dry out your skin either, but will leave it supple and soft. This product is the MAKE- UP REMOVER EMULSION , go ahead and try it.

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