We know that it has been a special year for everyone, many of us will remember it as the year in which we were able to return to normality, or at least, adapt a new concept of normality due to the pandemic that we are experiencing in 2020. Wearing masks became a routine, distancing part of our behavior and not to mention the new economy, which forced us to change many of the usual work systems to a great extent. Yes, we know that it has been a year of many changes, therefore, YOU DESERVE, WE DESERVE, for it to end in style.

That tiredness or fatigue cannot be the protagonist of one of the most important photos of this year: the photo of the first December after the pandemic. For this reason, we have created a routine for you to prepare your skin this Christmas and look like dream skin.

Whether it's for the 24th or 31st, or whatever your special day is, we recommend that you do this routine the night before the big night or just before putting on your makeup. Set aside at least 45 minutes for this routine, so you can show off radiant skin.

We already know that the basic steps of a beauty routine are cleansing, hydration and protection, however, we connect with you when in a certain way we want to start the year by opening up to the skin, that's why steps such as exfoliation, for example, to remove dead skin, they are A MUST. So, the routine we have for you is the following:   

  1. CLEANING | And if you have make up, remove it first.

     Removing impurities from your skin, makeup and even the remains of sunscreen left on your skin during the day, is ESSENTIAL so that your products can penetrate the skin correctly. Therefore, we recommend that you do a double cleanse, first, use the Make-up Remover Emulsion to remove make-up or sunscreen remains and continue with the oil-free cleansing - at the end of the reading you will be able to find the complete routine according to your type of skin. skin.

2. EXFOLIATION | We must renew the skin

In order to show off healthy skin we have to remove all the skin that is no longer in the best condition. That is, remove dead skin with our detox scrubs, for oily skin, and rose scrubs, for dry skin, so that the hydration process occurs on a completely new skin.

We must not forget the exfoliation of our lips, it is essential for them to look more beautiful and keep them well hydrated and free of textures, for that, our favorite, the Lip Scrub , which in addition to providing excellent results, provides a sensory and olfactory experience of another world.

3. MASK | We need to repair our skin

     We have already cleansed and exfoliated our skin, so it is more than ready to begin the restoration and hydration process with our Detox masks, for oily skin, and Rosehip masks, for dry skin, which will help us with the renewal process. cell after exfoliation.

4 . TONIC | time to fresh

    The Aloe Vera toners, for oily skin, and Roses , for dry skin , help us to hydrate in a very subtle way, an excellent option to prepare our skin before adding heavier hydration products since it helps us to penetrate better.

5. SERUM & HYALURONIC ACID | let it glow

    This is where our skin is nourished and fights all oxidants to help us delay expression lines! At OrglizLab our serums are based on natural oils, but we know that oily skin is sensitive to them, so we have formulated a gel whose texture simulates a serum, thanks to its high concentration of hyaluronic acid, which allows skin fats obtain the benefits of the serum without altering sebum production.

Be careful, both the serum with the hyaluronic acid are products whose application preferably avoids the eye contour since its concentration, as we have said before, is very high and could sensitize the area, for this our laboratory has developed the Eye Contour Repair Serum It is the ideal option, with a lighter formula that contains pure essences of myrrh, frankincense, geranium and carrot flower seeds, which help us combat dark circles and promote hydration, as well as reduce bags under the eyes thanks to to its Roll-On application technology, easy, comfortable and relaxing.

6. MOISTURIZING CREAM | Let's seal all the hydration

In case you hadn't noticed, we have been applying the products from the lightest texture to the heaviest, the reason: the latter help us to better seal and retain the lighter products. For both dry skin and oily or combination skin, the Moisturizing Facial Cream SPF15 is the indicated option, rich in vegetable and mineral oils, which act as moisturizers and protect against photoaging, respectively, giving the skin a perfect finish beforehand. make up.

Now that you know the steps and the order of application of this routine that will leave your skin like new, we have prepared two lines for you that adapt to the needs of your skin and we want to present them to you below:


Focused on restoring the pH of our skin, controlling the production of sebum and the appearance of imperfections, providing the ideal hydration for this type of skin. And in this a little surprise, the Acne Spot Treatment , which will help you reduce and eliminate those unwanted pimples!


Rich in antioxidants that allow super hydration and provide luminosity that will allow you to show off spectacular skin without dryness or discomfort. The favorite line for a dreamy glow.

We can assure you something, your skin after these routines will be your best premiere!


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