It seems like yesterday that we were thankful for a new year, for a new opportunity, full of many expectations and illusions. We know that for many, 2021 meant a year of many challenges, growth and improvement, and for many others, of loss, anguish and anxiety, which is why at Orgliz we want to dedicate this last blog to gratitude.

We firmly believe that gratitude is an act of infinite love, it does not only last 30 minutes a day, nor 7 days a week, nor 12 months, it is eternal . Look around you, the air you breathe, each day is a new opportunity to start over if necessary, to love those who have been by our side all this time, to admire those who inspire us, to forgive and understand that life is one and we must enjoy it, doing what makes us happy.

Being fully happy does not necessarily mean being perfect, making mistakes is part of it, allowing ourselves to feel emotions such as anger or sadness is also synonymous with happiness, it is precisely those moments that allow us to extract from ourselves the best tools to face each situation of our lives. lives, unique tools, because they come from within. In a certain way they make us feel invincible, unique, empowered, therefore, we must not resist being emotional beings, quite the contrary, we must feel pride, tranquility and happiness.

In this 2022, let's replace the ''no'' with the ''perhaps'': perhaps I will fulfill that dream, perhaps I will travel more, perhaps I will be able to overcome the pain, perhaps ''_________________'' -complete your sentence-. Maybes are wonderful, because they are able to move our magic, deceive impossibility and reactivate our faith. The world is too big, and our feet are too small, to stay in one place for the rest of our lives.

Be thankful for these last days of 2021 for what you have lived, but above all, what you are about to live, what you have on your mind, which by the way, is infinite. Do the exercise of forgetting the adult that lives in you and play at not limiting the power of your imagination, play at being a child in your exercise of gratitude, imagine the most extraordinary things that you would like to experience this 2022, such as imagining that you can hug that person who is physically gone, allow yourself to feel that moment. Doesn't it feel amazing? - What do you imagine right now? -

Your mind is the greatest gift that the universe gave you, be thankful for it, and let's exercise together to use it to make 2022 the future we've always dreamed of.

Finally, we want to thank you for being part of us, for trusting, for your support and love for what we have created with so much love for you, our Orgliz. Thanks to you we have been able to build and solidify what one day began as a dream, and over time, became our engine, full of values, impetus, strength and happiness.

            Today we toast to you, THANK YOU!

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