At Orgliz we are faithful to the belief that outer beauty comes from our inner beauty. We have already said that there are many ways to take care of ourselves internally, such as food and the well-being of our mind , however, there is a topic that is very underestimated by many but probably one of the most important when we talk about self-love and, above all, health. : the correct rest.

Over the years, the demands of our lifestyle increase, work, family and/or social commitments increase. It is logical to think that the more energy we consume during the day, the demand for our rest should also increase, however, because we have the need to fulfill all our commitments, we leave our own needs in the background, and sleep seems to be one of the first self-commitments that we usually sacrifice, perhaps because we do not understand exactly what happens internally in our body while we sleep and how it benefits our health.

While we sleep, the body releases hormones with reparative effects on our cells and organs, which even function as a source of energy. If we do a little bit of memory, and remember the promises of many of our cosmetics, we find that in the case of vitamin A (Retinol), one of its properties is to repair our skin cells, as well as Salicylic Acid, which its properties we can find that it controls the production of sebum, which comes directly from the organs, so, with this, we can conclude that sleeping turns out to be a super powerful cosmetic, because it not only benefits with the same effects of these assets, if not that works from the inside to the outside of our body.

At this point in the reading we are sure that you are considering starting to modify your agenda to make room for your rest hours, however, we know how difficult this task can be, in the end we are the only ones responsible for our commitments they are done in the necessary time, for this reason, we want to give you some tips so that you can create a rest ritual that adapts to your routine and effectively benefits your health:


Probably the most important tip since we do not want the need to rest to be another source of stress in your life. Understanding that the needs of each body are different is the first step to making peace with your rest.

The National Institute of Health of the United States affirms that in an adult stage, the necessary hours of sleep vary from 7 to 8 on average , therefore we want you to learn to listen to your body according to its needs.

An exercise that will help you find the perfect number of hours that your body needs to rest properly is to download an application to your cell phone that helps you monitor your hours of sleep, such as Sleep Time . This will allow you to identify the number of hours you slept that day that you really rested and thus schedule your day to meet the hours of sleep associated with it.


You may have heard that it is highly recommended to put down your cell phone 20 minutes before going to bed, but putting it down before doing your skin care is a mega tip and we will tell you why:

The light of your cell phone directly affects your skin, especially when you are in the dark, and we know that you feel identified when you recognize that you must lower the intensity of the brightness at night because it bothers your eyes, that same discomfort is felt by your skin, causing a little muscular stress, therefore, releasing it before doing your skin care will not only give you the benefits of freeing your face from that stress, but it will also allow your cosmetics to penetrate your skin without having to break the barriers of a stressed skin, obtaining better results from them.

For this, send that appointment confirmation message, set the alarm, connect it to the power source and see you tomorrow!


Prepare a tea, preferably chamomile or linden, share it with your family and tell them how much you thank the universe for having them in your life and then, sit on your bed, read that inspiring novel or reading that makes you love life, We recommend that you do it in that order, right after doing your skin care.

This ritual will fill your heart and mind with peace, it will help you forget the stress of that hectic day and it will allow your path to sleep to be so smooth that the next day you won't even remember how it was that you fell asleep so happy.


Set your spaces! Put on some quiet music that allows you to slow down your day, and light those candles, incense, or the diffuser with your favorite essential oil for rest - YLANG YLANG FANS OVER HERE! -.

As soon as you read it, it makes you want that time of day to come so you can let go of everything that causes us noise and have that space of self-esteem that our body needs day by day.

We hope that this ritual that we have created for you will be of great help, and we want to remind you that YOU CAN MAKE IT A ROUTINE, you will only need a little commitment to your health to understand that 20 minutes of your day, just before sleeping, will save you many expensive doctors and treatments.

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