10 hábitos para reducir el estrés, conectar y fluir

10 habits to reduce stress, connect and flow

Hello Beautiful!

Have you noticed that we have returned to living at that accelerated pace that we lived before the pandemic?

In quarantine everything came to a standstill and we had time to rethink our priorities, we set out to live with intention, to spend more time, to be constant in our beauty and wellness rituals, however, for many of us life has returned to its rhythm habitual, accelerated, chaotic, with a long to-do list, long hours in earplugs and we end up exhausted and frustrated.

Today I invite you to connect with yourself, to connect with what you are so passionate about and flow with, to be aware of your virtues, your achievements and your mistakes, recognizing the latter and accepting them helps us to overcome them and learn.

There is no greater act of love than dedicating time to ourselves. That is why I want to share with you the 10 habits that I have adopted to stay firm in my resolutions, work on integral beauty, disconnect to connect, live with intention, and learn to flow.

  1. Get up early, the day is more productive and flows better when you don't get up running. If possible, meditate for 5 minutes, thank God for your family, health and all the blessings you receive daily, a grateful heart is ready to receive all the blessings God has for you.
  2. Create a mantra and repeat it as many times as necessary, always get up with positive energy. Good habits are created little, make up your mind and start creating the life you want to live.
  3. Connect with people who vibrate in the same tune as you , who bring growth, love and peace to your life.
  4. Be jealous of the content you consume on the networks, on TV , they condition our actions and feelings. If we want changes in our lives, we must make changes in our habits.
  5. Read, cultivate your mind, your body and your spirit. There is no better investment than knowledge.
  6. Enjoy a rich bath and perform your AM beauty ritual. Going out without my morning ritual is like going out naked, it's part of my day to day. I decide to start my days making time for myself, because if I don't take care of myself I can't take care of others.
  7. At night, I disconnect from electronic devices and social networks, I enjoy a rich bath, and with my skin still damp I apply the Lavender and Chamomile Body Oil all over my body, its pleasant and fresh aroma helps me in the healing process. relaxation.
  8. Then I start with facial care , starting with the double cleansing with the Make-up Remover Emulsion and the Rosehip Soap , I apply the Tonic , then the Vitamin C Serum and enjoy a rich and relaxing facial massage. Then I continue with the Moisturizing Gel with Hyaluronic Acid . I love him!!!
  9. Once a week, I exfoliate my body and face and apply a Facial Mask , while it takes effect, I take the opportunity to read a book, watch a series, or simply put on music and enjoy a delicious cup of tea or glass of wine. It depends on the mood of the moment.
  10. And to close the night , I apply the Body Butter Stick to my heels to wake up with my feet as soft as a baby.

Remember that personal care is not just another to-do to cross out, it is a lifestyle. This ritual helps you disconnect to reconnect with everything that motivates you and makes you happy.

Turn your routines into rich and memorable beauty and wellness rituals.

With love,

elizabeth ripoll

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