The sebaceous glands are few and far between each region of our body. Perhaps you have heard of them for their effect on acne-prone skin, since they are one of the precursors of it, however, they are also responsible for lubricating our skin, therefore their absence could lead to dryness problems. . In areas of the body such as the elbows, knees and heels, there are fewer sebaceous glands, and as we age they decrease more. Fortunately, there is valuable information that studies the causes to offer us treatments that can help us improve these conditions.

            It is important to know that, although there are some practices that help us improve the dryness of our skin in these areas, there is no magic formula that solves all these problems, often the cure and the good results come from a combination of treatments. and the exercises of being constant in the application of our products. If your skin has severe symptoms or a skin condition that has suddenly appeared or changed, it is best to seek medical attention.

            On the contrary, if your dry skin is seasonal and you are looking for some tips to treat it, at OrglizLab we bring you some useful tips that can help you improve this condition.


            It seems like a pretty obvious point but now tell me, how many times have you been aware when you shower to properly clean the crevices of your elbows, knees and heels? If you are one of the small percentage of people who do it, let us congratulate you.

The bacteria and germs that are deposited in the cracks of our skin are microscopic, so washing our areas properly, preferably with the help of an exfoliating sponge, will help us to eliminate them and thus avoid the dryness that they cause.

Be sure to use soaps that, in addition to cleaning, provide hydration, such as the Royal Bouquet Body Soap with dehydrated roses, cold-processed, which, thanks to its rich selection of vegetable oils, shea butter and essential oils, allows the cleansing and hydration of our body together with a unique aromatic experience.


Dead cells promote dryness of our skin, therefore, it is essential to exfoliate our skin, especially in these areas, at least 1-2 times a week.

When we exfoliate, dead cells, dirt, and other debris are removed, allowing our skin to better absorb and retain moisture that we apply externally. Choose exfoliants with ingredients such as cocoa, which exfoliate your skin and at the same time give it that boost of hydration that your skin needs.


            And this point is for you if you live in climates of extreme cold, or excessive heat, as is the summer of our Caribbean. Dryness in extreme climates is a very normal condition as our skin tends to be dehydrated, however we just need to go one step further to prevent these conditions.

            Using products with emollients favors our body's moisture retention, such as our Body Butter Stick in its Cocoa and Lavender presentations, which contain Shea and Mango butter, which together with essential oils and pure beeswax that contains its formulation, provides hydration and helps retain the moisture that our body needs in these seasons.

            Likewise, research suggests that having a humidifier at home significantly reduces the symptoms of dryness and itching, helping to mitigate the effects of arid environments, whether in the dead of winter or in the intense summer of our Caribbean climate.


            When you finish bathing, it is not recommended that you rub your skin with such force, even when you exfoliate. Excessive rubbing can cause dry skin to peel off before it's ready to be removed, thus causing excess dryness by disrupting our skin's natural barrier.

            Also, gently patting the skin dry and leaving some moisture on the surface benefits the application of your lotions and creams by retaining moisture. This pat-drying pattern will allow you to show off much calmer skin and will slow down the appearance of wrinkles and/or sagging, especially on the face.


            The 3.7 L of water per day are not famous for nothing. Staying hydrated is a fundamental part of maintaining good health, in fact, the conditions associated with Extremely dry skin is usually an indication that the body is not receiving enough hydration.

            It is important to remember that alcohol, despite being a liquid, does not hydrate, on the contrary, it is a diuretic, which means that it can actually cause the body to eliminate more water. This does not mean that you cannot consume alcohol, but it does mean that we must avoid excesses.


            It is not a secret to anyone that smoking increases the probability of suffering from diseases that could cost us our lives, in addition to this, it deteriorates many organs of our body. Let's remember that the skin is our largest organ, therefore it would not be crazy to think that smoking has a negative impact on it.

            Smoking affects the production of saliva, a fundamental element in the hydration process, since it undermines the skin's moisture, causing wrinkles and other types of derived problems. Ending this harmful habit will give your body a chance to regain balance and improve its ability to regulate moisture content.


            Our Spa Candles have been a key piece in manicure and pedicure rituals thanks to their main ingredient, soy wax, which thanks to its melting point no higher than 46 degrees Celsius, allows the user to have a great aromatic and Finish with the application of the melted product on the skin, which is absorbed by it, providing a perfect velvet finish.

However, a trick to use this product at home as a treatment for dry heels,  is that before going to bed, light the candle and take a shower, clean and moisturize your feet very well and right after, when the moisturizing cream has been absorbed in large quantities, apply the wax that has already melted on your feet and immediately cover them with a sock It is true that at first you may feel like your foot slips inside it, or perhaps you feel a little sweaty, however, doing this little routine 2 to 3 times a week for 15 days will give you very noticeable results, and it will also help you as a relaxing routine before bed!

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